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About Us

Tavvuk , which is a company of Keskinoglu Group put into service with its first branch in Profilo Avm Food Court. Tavvuk innovated to the Fast Food sector with ‘Fine fast food concept.
It started to serve its products that have reliance and quality to ages from 7 to 70 with superior service sensibility. Tavvuk uses the state of the art technology equipments at its restaurants as used in research and development activities for its chicken products. The guests can find here healthy produced chicken products, roast chicken, grill, burger and fry chicken. From breakfast options to salads, from desserts to different sauce options guests can find many tastes in a natural way. Beyond all of these it broke a new ground that carbonated beverage is served unlimited. In another saying if you buy carbonated beverage or choose carbonated beverage in your menu, you can drink carbonated beverage unlimited without paying any extra fee. “Fine fast food concept” that is beyond the fast food concept is the first in Turkey will become popular taste and service in Turkey and all over the world as spreading fast with taking high liking and demand from the chicken consumers.

Human Resources
“Human resource” is the most valuable and the most important resource for institutions. Tavvuk based on this philosophy aim to create a culture composed of highly qualified manpower, dynamic, results-oriented, teamwork skills, strong communication skills, and ethics. The said culture has permeated to the foundation and has been adopted by both management and workers. For creating this structure, everybody who will work here including head Office has restaurant training. The basic principal of Tavvuk which consisted of quality, service, hygiene and important has been adopted. Everybody who has adopted this tasks and who properly fulfils the duty can be advance to the directorate of restaurant and the upper positions.  This offered opportunity opens to the way of carrier for everybody. In this respect, to employ the right person to the right place, to provide personal development and career opportunities, to evaluate them in accordance with the qualifications and performance of our employees, to keep our employee’s motivation high, to improve the efficiency of the company emphasise to our human resources policy.
Mission and Vision

Our mission is to contact with our guests, employees and suppliers based on trust relations and to continue these relations. For this purpose, we present you to the best reliable, taste and quality productions and we aim to increase your happiness as an economic and to be appeal the whole family.

We aim to service with our team working with the belief of the most valuable treasure and best quality in our country and all over the world.



TAVVUK Lezzeti Akdeniz'e ulaştı!
Lezzeti Akdeniz'e ulaştı
TAVVUK lezzeti Akdeniz'e ulaştı
Ünlü markanın hedefinde Kayseri var
Tavvuk'un Antalya şubesi hizmete girdi
Akdeniz'de de Tavvuk
Tavvuk lezzeti Antalya'ya ulaştı
Tavvuk Akdeniz'de ilk şubesini açtı
Siyasilerden fast food
Tavvuk 11'inci restoranını Antalya'da hizmete açtı
Beyaz ette yeni lezzet durağı
Tavvuk Antalya'da
Tavvuk Antalyalılarla etkinlikle buluştu
Fark yaratan TAVVUK lezzeti artık Muğla'da
Tavvuk, Muğla'da
TAVVUK'un şube zincirine yeni halka
Tavvuk lezzetini Milaslı da biliyor
'Tavvuk' lezzeti artık Pomelon'da
Milas'ın ilk AVM'si ile Tavvuk Lezzeti
Keskinoğlu Tavvuk 4 Yaşında Yurt Dışında
Metal Form, Spoon, Knife
All the forks, spoons and knives are metal in Tavvuk! Enjoy freely.
1 Piece Beverage
1 piece beverage with Combo Menus.
Our corporation has ISO 22000 and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certificates.

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